I did this in 1979 after I was out of the dorms. It's a parody of myself, where I try to show a demonic side which I don't have. In my first year of college when I lived in the dorms, I moved twice. The first time was because my roommate was a snobby frat guy that was hardly there, but when he and/or his friends were there, they acted just like jocks from my high school, so I moved in down the hall with "Fish". For the life of me, I can't remember his real name. He was a big Kiss fan and had a great sense of humor, buuuut...he just was not cool about some things, so then I moved in with Curtis down at the end of the hall for the rest of the stay. He was very cool, and that is also how I met Geoff (Lucan the wolf boy) Carpenter. We would go out drinkin', playin' pool, or down in the dry riverbed to go smokin'. I actually met "Big Wave" Dave Brooks when I was at the first dorm room because our rooms had a connecting bathroom.

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