Max Nuclear's love for color and cartoons bloomed early in the first grade with inspiration from a classmate that could draw 'fast as lightning', and his comics have been his companion ever since. With two brothers 16 and 17 years older than himself, he grew up exposed to 'alternative' forms of humor from an early age. Influences such as Mad magazine cartoonist Don Martin and underground illustrator Vaughn Bodé lead him away from the 'milk and cookies' type cartoons that were popular fare in the newspapers of the time. An interest in science fiction, fantasy and humor has sent Max down his own unique cartoon path.

"My cartoons are the way I speak and express myself. It's the way I interpret the world I live in" says Max. "It is my cartoon universe and I control everything! In my cartoon universe, my pen is law!" And thus, he dispenses his observations and opinions in his illustrated kingdom, which granted, can sometimes rub people the wrong way. But whether he's doing a one-panel joke, a cartoon series, or a full-blown graphic novel, it is always an entertaining and very different look through Max Nuclear's eyes.



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