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In 1983 I found out about the Dallas Artist Co-op, a non-profit group of artists that would meet once a week to talk about their projects and shows and share ideas. Oh, yes...and party like crazy. That is mandatory for non-profit artists. Two of the people at the co-op were DJs at the local public radio station, KNON. The founders of the Co-op, Jill Parr and Dale Myler found out I had recording capabilities at my studio with mics, headphones, a four-track reel-to-reel recorder and several music and sound affect records. A proposal was made to make 5-minute promotions for the artists to tout their shows and projects on KNON, and to record these promos at my studio.

At first, we produced 5-minute shorts that would be broadcast twice a week on the station to promote shows and projects. It was billed as "Dallas Artist Co-op Presents". After promo announcements were completed, we had time left over, so we started featuring music and poetry readings from various co-op artists. It became popular, and we were given 10-minutes, and, with the capability of music and sound effects, members started writing short sketches. I had a few ideas myself.

At one point there were differences of opinion between the show's Producer and the Dallas Artist co-op founders. This happens all the time in creative circles. "You have one person, you have a perfect society, two people, you got a fistfight". Eventually, the program changed and became "Erratic Static". Now, we not only did radio programs, but a few live shows as well.

In 1987, there was another tiff and our shows went off-the-air for a couple of weeks. When we returned, in addition to our twice weekly 10-minute shows, we now did monthly 30-minute shows!

People were starting to lose interest and it had become a hassle with the extra thirty minute show at the end of the month, which was a remix of the shows we had done during that month. The radio show fizzled out as everyone started to go their separate ways, but it was so much fun while it lasted!

Presented here, are five flyers from 1987. The first one announces our return after an absence. The last four chronicle the final four months of shows we did in our last incarnation as "Max Nuclear Presents".






First flyer for a radio program on KNON!
Nightmare City Halloween 1984



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