This is the strangest comic I have done to date because of the sheer length of time to complete it! It is a fully enclosed and complete 14-page story. I started it in 1978 when I bought a black hard cover sketchbook that was easy to take anywhere. I had re-read Alice in Wonderland, and I wanted to do a surreal comic of that nature. At the time I was also being influenced by the surreal and detailed art of underground cartoonist Dave Sheridan, who used lots of dots and lines for shading and shapes. The main Character, John Cecil, is based on a high school friend of mine, John Tuminello. At first I got two or three pages out, then would get caught up in something else and put it aside. I'd find it months, years later, and resolve to finish it, but I'd do a page, maybe two, and forget about it. Finally, I completed the saga in 1989!

John Cecil - page 1

John Cecil - page 2

John Cecil - page 3

John Cecil - page 4

John Cecil - page 5

John Cecil - page 6

John Cecil - page 7

John Cecil - page 8

John Cecil - page 9

John Cecil - page 10

John Cecil - page 11

John Cecil - page 12

John Cecil - page 13

John Cecil - page 14



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