In 8th grade I was switched from public to a religious private school because my parents were disgusted with public school's poor quality. Trinity Christian Academy was very conservative. We didn't even have a prom because dancing was considered taboo! Sports were the only acceptable activity. Well, I didn't like sports! I had longish hair, and I liked to draw, so I was one of the few 'hippie freaks' at the school. I was also into alternative literature like the National Lampoon, which had a whole different slant on humor and cartoons. In the back of one of the issues, a company called M&M Enterprises had an ad for a 'Box full of underground comics'. Sounded like my kind of comics, so I lied about my age (I was 16) and got the box 'o comics. When it arrived it had a 5-1/2" by 8-1/2" photocopy book of unknown cartoonists. On the inside cover was an offer to help unknown cartoonists get published and the book would be sold at comic book conventions and head shops and sent to major publications as promos. A foot in the door, as it were, for unknowns. Great, I had to try it! I was having trouble with authority at school, Nixon was getting in trouble for Watergate, and I didn't like him, and my interest in science fiction had me interested in a comic book version of War of the Worlds. It was 1974 and I threw a story together featuring me as Liddy Flash, My two best friends Tom Bayman (Rummel) and Jim Kreatschman (Xerus) as my buds in the future, and sent it in. "Flash from the Past" got published in Comix Unlimited, issue Number One, in 1975 by M&M in New Jersey, when I was 17! This was my first National publication!

Note: These pages are reproduced from the comic book, as the originals were never returned.

Flash From The Past - page 1

Flash From The Past - page 2

Flash From The Past - page 3

Flash From The Past - page 4

Flash From The Past - page 5



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